French Press

French press is one of the easiest ways to brew an excellent cup of coffee. You would need fresh roasted coffee and a french-press pot to make it. The pot itself consists of a glass beaker, protected by a metal or plastic shield with a handle and a lid, and a plunger, which has a fine mesh filter attached. The french press pots are produced in various beaker volumes. This method of brewing coffee was invented in France back at the end of the XIX century. It is believed that the french press allows you to uncover the real taste and aroma of the most exquisite sorts of coffee. Any good coffee can be brewed in a french press. The only requirement is good and fresh roasted coffee, which must be ground pretty coarse, otherwise they will pass through the mesh of the filter. An important feature of the french press method is the possibility to control the extraction of caffeine in the process of brewing, which can be important for some people, and also can have an effect on the taste of the beverage. The less time coffee is brewed in french press, the less caffeine gets into the cup.

How to brew french press coffee


  1. French press consists of a beaker and a plunger. Before you brew, make sure that the french press pot is clean. Before you put coffee into the beaker, it should be warmed, for example by rinsing it with boiling water.


  2. Coffee should be ground right before brewing, and its grade should be coarse, so that particles cannot pass through the french press mesh filter.


  3. Coffee should be put into the beaker quickly, before its aroma escapes. You would need about 6-7 grams of coffee for each 100 ml of water.


  4. It's time to pour hot water (90–95ºC) into the beaker. Make sure that the water covers the coffee evenly. The water should stay just below the fully raised plunger.


  5. In order to improve extraction, stir coffee rapidly.


  6. Coffee releases carbon dioxide, which creates a thick layer of foam on the top. If this hasn't happened, your coffee was not fresh enough.


  7. Put the lid with the raised plunger over the beaker and leave it for about 4 minutes.


  8. Now is the time to gently lower the plunger. It should move smoothly, without much force being applied. In the end, press slightly the layer of coffee.


  9. Your coffee is ready!


  10. Now is the time to pour it into cups and enjoy fresh tasty coffee. Don't forget to clean the french press pot with hot water right after use.



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