Mazzer Grinders

Italian company “Mazzer” is a leading manufacturer of professional coffee grinders. For over half of a century “Mazzer” has been producing equipment for coffee shops and coffee bars. “Mazzer” grinders have become world renowned for their precision, reliability and stylish design.


“Mazzer” manufactures coffee grinders of various capacities to make it easy to choose the best model for your coffee house. At the same time, all “Mazzer” grinders are known for their extreme precision and stability of grade and weight of each dose of ground coffee. Most of “Mazzer” grinders are equipped with the patented stepless grade adjustment system, which allows the set up of the desired grade very accurately, making a great impact on the taste of coffee.

Low Noise Level

“Mazzer” grinders operate with lowered noise levels to minimize the disturbance of coffee house guests, who value a quiet environment.

Durability and Reliability

“Mazzer” grinders are fit for high load professional use. All the parts and molten aluminum cases are highly durable and reliable.


The stylish design of “Mazzer” grinders matches their technical excellence. It's not a secret that every detail matters in the interior of a coffee house and even grinder color could be an important issue in creating a cozy environment. Thanks to a wide range of colors you can be assured that “Mazzer” grinder will blend into your coffee house environment perfectly well.

World recognition

“Mazzer” grinders have obtained the prestigious marks VDE (in Europe) and ETL (in the USA), which confirm the safety of the grinders and highest quality of materials and manufacture. Technical support and service for “Mazzer” grinders is provided in many countries, including Russia.



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