“La Marzocco” Coffee Machines

“La Marzocco” company has earned worldwide recognition and become a leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines. “La Marzocco” clients all over the world put their trust in the quality, design and traditions of this company. It is not a coincidence that “La Marzocco” machines are used to prepare espresso-based drinks by the participants of The World Barista Championships. “La Marzocco” offers traditional and semi-automatic coffee machines and coffee grinders. “La Marzocco” is a leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines


Every “La Marzocco” machine is assembled manually by a single person. Parts of the machines are produced from the highest quality materials. Optional features, such as cup warmer or additional cooling fan for the control panel, make these machines even more convenient. All “La Marzocco” machines must pass a 21-point bench test before they leave the factory.  “La Marzocco” machine parts are manufactured from the highest quality material

Unique Dual Boiler Technology

“La Marzocco” machines utilize two completely separate seamless boilers, manufactured from high quality 2 mm stainless steel, which makes it easy to prepare large quantities of espressos, cappuccinos, teas, and other beverages, which require boiling water. Their patented dual boiler technology allows you to prepare steamed milk foam and use boiling water without lowering the temperature of water used for coffee preparation. “La Marzocco” coffee machines are all handmade

Heavy Brew Heads

“La Marzocco” machines are distinguished by their heavy brewing groups, which ensures a thermal stability and positively impacts the quality of the cup.

Brewing Groups Welded Directly to the Boiler

“La Marzocco” groups are welded directly to the boiler, which allows to provide the same temperature of water in the boiler and in the group itself, resulting in a more stable espresso quality. Other manufacturers often attach the brewing group to the case of the machine and then connect it to the boiler with copper pipes, which introduces an extra step and often harms thermal stability. “La Marzocco” coffee machines use heavier brewing groups


“La Marzocco” machines utilize boilers which are made of high quality Aisi 304 stainless steel, unlike many other coffee machine manufacturers, which use copper boilers. Stainless steel boilers can easily withstand 9 bar pressure, required for making a perfect espresso cup. This allows “La Marzocco” to exclude from the coffee machine design additional elements inside the boiler and increase the effective capacity of the boiler by up to 3.4 liters.

Thermal Control

The espresso boiler in “La Marzocco” machines are equipped with its own precision thermostat, which allows to control the optimum temperature. Single boiler coffee machines often allow only to control steam pressure, which by itself does not provide good enough feedback of water condition inside the boiler.

Unique Steamer Design

Baristas enjoy the maximum freedom provided by “La Marzocco” steamer, which can be bent in any direction. The steamer pipe is equipped with a valve, which prevents diffusion of milk inside the boiler. “La Marzocco” coffee machines utilize stainless steel boilers


“La Marzocco” does not believe in cheap materials. These machines are made of the highest quality materials and parts. “Traveler's Coffee” is the exclusive distributor of “La Marzocco” in Russia. The benefits of buying equipment through official channels are obvious: you save your money and get professional technical support.

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September 4 2012 at 15:06
ДОбрый день. хотели открыть кофейню в Алматы (Казахстан). Пожалуйста скиньте прайс на кофемашины и кофемолки. Каковы условия достави и оплаты оборудования, а также по обучению персонала ? спасибо
April 2 2012 at 13:46

Hello, please, please, e-mail information about the model number, car la marzocco, the benefits of individual machines, the price. Also interested in the range of grinders Mazzer, benefits, prices. thank you

And is it possible to get them in Kazan (Tatarstan)
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Здравствуйте, вышлите пожалуйста информацию по стоимости, покупке и если есть - аренде